HD-TL-J Series Dual Color Temperature Tunnel Light

HD-TL-J Series Dual Color Temperature Tunnel Light

Executive standard: GB7000.1-2015;GB4208-2017

Rated voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Ambient temperature: -40℃~+55℃

Protection class: IP65

Color temperature range:3000-6500K

Installation method: Wall Mounted, Ceiling Mounted

whole lamp power:50~200W




◆ Aluminum alloy shell, modular design, surface anodized;

◆ High corrosion resistant stainless steel exposed fasteners;

◆ High-quality anti-yellowing PC cover, high light transmittance, reduce dust accumulation, easy to clean and maintain;

◆ Adopt air duct form heat dissipation design, which greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency;

◆ Professional optical design, reasonable light distribution, uniform illumination; installation at the same height to improve the uniformity of the ground or work;

◆ Special constant current power supply, wide voltage input, no stroboscopic, with constant current, open circuit, short circuit protection, etc.;

◆ Power factor≥0.95;

◆ Color temperature 3000K-6500K can be automatically adjusted according to the environment in the tunnel to improve driving safety;

◆ Patented products, counterfeiting must be investigated。

◆ Equipped with multiple international brand LED lamp beads, reasonable arrangement, unidirectional light emission, uniform and soft light, lamp bead light effect>150lm/W, Ra>70; long life, green and environmental protection;

◆ The modular fin-type aluminum profile design is beneficial to air convection and better heat dissipation. Anodized surface will not fade, showing excellent quality。


Model SpecificationsRated Power(W)Rated Voltage(V)Light Effectlm/WAnticorrosion GradeProtection Class
HD-TL050-J50AC100-240≥110       WF2IP65


Scope of application

◆ Suitable for use in tunnels, easy installation, adjustable angle, easy maintenance.

◆ It is suitable for energy-saving renovation projects and difficult and humid places for maintenance and replacement.

◆ It can completely replace the commonly used energy-saving lamps, mercury lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps and other high-energy-consuming lamps.

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