BHD3000 Series LED Explosion-proof Light

BHD3000 Series LED Explosion-proof Light

Executive standard: GB3836.1、GB3836.2、GB12476.1、GB12476.5、IEC60079-0、IEC60079-1ect.

Explosion-proof mark: ExdⅡC T6 Gb/Ex tD A21 IP66 T80℃;Ⅱ2G Ex db ⅡC T6 Gb/Ⅱ2D Ex tb ⅢC T80℃ Db

Rated voltage: AC220V 50/60Hz

IP: IP66

introduction device: Threaded inlet specification, suitable for Φ11~Φ14mm cable

Installation method: Ceiling type, wall-mounted type, flange type, boom type, guardrail type, etc.

LED light source: 30W、40W、50W、60W

Weight: 4.5Kg(BHD3000-60)


◆ Copper-free Aluminum housing with high voltage electrostatic spraying surface.

◆ Stainless steel exposed fastener with high anti-correction performance.

◆  Toughened glass cover stands 4J impact and resistant to temperature changes ,high lighting transmittance .

◆ Power driver and led source are in different cavity which assure heat of led source will not transmit to the power driver cavity.

◆ Entire explosion proof structure and spigot flameproof joint, assure reliable explosion-proof performance.

◆ Professional optical design and quadratic light distribution ,special design of reflector result in high uniformity of illumination and reasonable distribution.

◆ Special constant current power driver can assure wide voltage input and output constant current.With short-circuit and overvoltage protection, over-temperature protection etc.

◆ Adopted imported LED chips, reasonable arrangement ,soft and uniform lighting.

◆ Patent fins heat-dissipation structure increased the cooling surface area. Air convection slot design can make use of air flow to assure high quality heat-dissipation performance and longer working time .


TypeRated power(W)Rated voltage(V)Lamp efficiency lm/WEx-mark
BHD3000-30□30AC110/220120ExdⅡC T6 Gb/Ex td A21 IP66 T80℃;Ⅱ2G Ex db ⅡC T6 Gb/Ⅱ2D Ex tb ⅢC T80℃ Db



Applied to hazardous areas ,such as oil fields, oil refinery, chemical industry and military base and offshore oil platform ,wharf etc. Gas explosion environment : Zone 1 and Zone 2 and dust explosion environment : Zone 21 and Zone 22. Class ⅡA、 ⅡB、 ⅡC gas explosion environment. Temperature class: T1-T6.

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