BHD51-series explosion-proof LED fluorescent lamp GU foreign (ⅡC class)

BHD51-series explosion-proof LED fluorescent lamp GU foreign (ⅡC class)

Executive standard: EN 60079-0_2012; IEC60079-0_2011; EN 60079-15_2010; IEC 60079-15_2010; 

EN60079-31_2014; IEC60079-31_2013 etc. 

Explosion-proof mark: Ⅱ3G Ex nRⅡC T6 Gc/Ⅱ3D Ex tc ⅢC T80℃ Dc 

Rated voltage: AC220V 50/60Hz 

Ambient temperature: -40℃~+50℃ 

Protection class: IP66 

Inlet device: Metric inlet specification, suitable for Φ11~Φ14mm cable 

terminals: 2.5mm² wire for reliable installation 

Installation methods: Ceiling type 1 (x1), ceiling type 2 (x2), boom type (g), guardrail type (h), flange type (f) 

whole lamp power: 20W, 20, 40W, 40, 60W 

Lamp weight: 3.4Kg, 3.8Kg/4.2Kg(JN), 4.2Kg/4.7Kg(JN)


◆ Aluminum alloy die-casting shell with high-voltage electrostatic spray on the surface. 

◆ High corrosion resistant stainless steel exposed fasteners. 

◆ High-quality PC material molding transparent cover, high light transmittance; can withstand high-strength impact. 

◆ The patented design bar-shaped aluminum profiles emit light on three sides, and can ensure good heat dissipation and ensure the performance of the light source. 

◆ Professional optical design, reasonable light distribution, uniform illumination; installation at the same height to improve the uniformity of the ground or work. 

◆ Special constant current power supply, wide voltage input, no flicker, with constant current, open circuit, short circuit protection and so on. 

◆ 0.9m and 1.2m fluorescent lamps have emergency function, power 40W, emergency power 40W (external emergency)/13W (built-in emergency), emergency time ≥90min. 

◆ Power factor ≥ 0.95. 

◆ Steel pipe wiring G¾" and explosion-proof cable wiring. 

◆ Patented products, counterfeiting must be investigated. 

◆ Equipped with a number of international brand LED lamp beads, reasonable arrangement, unidirectional light emission, uniform and soft light, lamp bead light effect>150lm/W, Ra>70;
long life, green and environmental protection.


Product Specifications

  Model Specifications

  rated power(W)

  Rated voltage(V)


  Explosion-proof mark

  Protection class

BHD5106-□20AC220≥110Ⅱ3G Ex nRⅡC   T6 GC/ Ⅱ3D Ex tc ⅢC   T80℃ DcIP66


Scope of application 

◆ Widely used for general lighting and operational
lighting in hazardous environments such as oil exploration, oil refining,
chemical industry, military industry, offshore oil platforms, cruise ships and
other places; 

◆ It is suitable for energy-saving renovation projects and places
where maintenance and replacement are difficult and humid; 

◆ Suitable for zone 2
places with explosive gas environment; 

◆ Applicable to 22 zones of combustible
dust environment 

◆ Suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment; 

Suitable for T1-T6 temperature group.

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