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Streetlight intelligent wireless lighting control system

Streetlight intelligent wireless lighting control system

Product Details

First, the system overview

"Street light wireless intelligent lighting control system" based on the ergonomic visual theory, using the modern control of the optimal control method, to achieve dynamic intelligent management of street lighting, namely TPO management (Time / Place / Occasion). The basic idea is: when the road traffic is busy or at special places and occasions, the road lighting requirements are higher, and the control street lights maintain a strong illumination; while near midnight, the car is sparsely populated or does not require high standard lighting. The location and occasion, control the street lamp to reduce power operation, under the premise of ensuring road traffic safety requirements, reduce the illumination of road lighting. Its main advantage is that while dimming, it significantly reduces power consumption, saves active power, and saves the originally wasted energy. Its power-saving and energy-saving operation increases energy consumption by more than 30% on the premise that the luminous flux is reduced by no more than 50%.

"Street light wireless intelligent lighting control system" consists of control center (including control equipment, server, large-screen projection display equipment, etc.), intelligent control terminal (RTU), energy-saving street lamp control management terminal (LCM), street lamp single-lamp energy-saving controller (LCU) And the composition of the communication system (see Figure 1).

System composition diagram 1:

Streetlight intelligent wireless lighting control system

Second, the main functions of the system

1 Data acquisition Single lamp or branch voltage, current, power and other data parameters collection

2 Switch control Any one, one way, any custom group partition, real-time or timing control of the whole area light switch

3 dimming control Any one, one way, any custom group partition, full-area dimming instant or timing control

4 Safety Control Prevents unauthorized personnel from operating through system center settings to ensure safe and reliable system control

5 Free grouping can be grouped and partitioned in any way, for example: landscape lights, main roads, main roads, secondary roads, etc.

6 Remote monitoring and query Remote monitoring and remote real-time query of the system via the Internet

7 Automatic timing The system clock is automatically synchronized with the communication server clock, and the timing is accurately timed on the terminal equipment.

8 Map guidance GIS function intuitively reflects the state of the street light switch, fault conditions, lighting rate, energy efficiency

9 Intelligent operation Easy to operate, the system will run automatically after time setting, even if the host is turned off, the system will work by itself.

10 Alarm Handling Lamp failure, equipment and line theft, abnormal working status, electricity theft and corresponding warning instant alarm

11 Load control The load control priority can be set, and the load can be switched automatically or manually.

12 Report function Query report and include historical data storage

System composition diagram 2:

Streetlight intelligent wireless lighting control system

The unique advantages of street lighting energy-saving intelligent lighting control system

1. Urban streetlight management truly realizes intelligence

Establish monitoring room, unified switch light control and management: preset different illuminance control data models for different illuminance requirements;

Monitoring and energy saving overall design, seamless docking;

System modular design, networked operation;

Control can go to the loop or to a single lamp;

2. Scientifically and safely save energy through advanced intelligent management

According to the pedestrian and vehicle flow, security and traffic safety of the illuminated roads in different time periods, the time-segment control is implemented to adjust the running power of the street lamps reasonably. Realize the road on-demand lighting.

3. Environmental protection

The current-saving technology for reducing current has no effect on the working voltage of the power grid, and fundamentally eliminates the possibility of self-extinguishing street lamps;

No harmonic interference is generated to the power grid;

No electromagnetic pollution to the environment;

It does not affect the service life of lamps and light sources, and it is truly energy-saving and cost-effective.

Third, meaning and purpose

With the rapid development of urban construction, it is increasingly urgent and important to construct and manage urban road lighting and environmental beautification. Creating a good environment in terms of city appearance, city appearance, environment, traffic safety and social security is of great significance to the construction and development of a city. The implementation of the street lamp wireless monitoring system is an effective means to realize the modernization and scientific management of road lighting management and the automation and intelligence of the lighting control of scenic spots. It is also an important aspect to improve the city's popularity and establish a good image of the city. It also brings a better environment to the lives of citizens.

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