HDSF0516-series LED tri-proof light

HDSF0516-series LED tri-proof light

Executive standard: GB7000.1-2015; GB4208-2017, etc. 

Rated voltage: DC12/24V; AC220V 50/60Hz 

Ambient temperature: -40℃~+55℃ 

Protection class: IP66 

Entry device: G3/4” entry port specification, suitable for Φ6~Φ14mm cable 

Terminals: 2.5mm2 wire for reliable installation 

Installation methods: ceiling type (x), wall type (b) 

whole lamp power: 5~16W 

Lamp weight: 1.0Kg


◆ Aluminum alloy die-casting shell, high-voltage electrostatic spray on the surface; 

◆ High anti-corrosion stainless steel exposed fasteners; 

◆ High borosilicate physical tempered glass transparent cover, resistant to 4J high-energy shock, thermal fusion resistance, and high light transmittance; 

◆ The separation structure of the power supply cavity and the light source cavity can effectively ensure that heat is not conducted and related interference; 

◆ Professional optical design, anti-glare (orange peel design), reasonable light distribution, uniform illumination; 

◆ Special constant current power supply, wide voltage input, constant current output, with constant current, open circuit, short circuit protection, etc.; 

◆ Power factor ≥ 0.95; 

◆ Patented products, counterfeiting must be investigated. 

◆ Equipped with multiple international brand LED lamp beads, reasonable arrangement, unidirectional light emission, uniform and soft light, lamp bead light effect>150lm/W, Ra>70; 

◆ Fin heat dissipation structure increases the heat dissipation surface area. The air convection slot is set up, and the air flow is used to effectively protect the heat dissipation and ensure the long life of the lamps.

Product Specifications

  Typical Model Specifications

  Rated power (W)

  Rated voltage (V)

  Light Efficiencylm/W

  Anticorrosion grade

  Protection class

HDSF0516-055DC12/24; AC220110WF2IP66



Scope of application 

◆ Widely used in places with strong corrosive, dusty and rainy industrial lighting needs 

◆ Applicable to power plants, steel, petrochemical, ships, stadiums, integrated pipe gallery, roadway, etc.

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