peaked cap street light

peaked cap street light

  Thermal Management: Structures are optimized using advanced finite element techniques (the de facto technique for detailed applied analysis and deformation prediction in the engineering field) to achieve longer service life at the best cost-effectiveness.


  1. Streamlined, low wind resistance

  2.  ADC die-casting integrated heat dissipation body

  3. Using EMC, round cup bracket, low thermal resistance and high light efficiency 3030 light source

  4.  Various installation methods to meet different application scenarios

  5. Single lamp controller can be external/built-in

  6. The light-emitting surface is made of tempered glass to avoid light decay caused by the adsorption of dust and oil.

  7.  The secondary light distribution adopts a modular lens, which is flexible and rich in light distribution, and is suitable for different roads.

  8. The power of this series of street lights is 30-300W, and the double-arm street lights can be matched with different powers 

Product Specifications


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