N-A Series LED Street Light

N-A Series LED Street Light

Executive standard: GB7000.1-2015;GB4208-2017etc.

Rated voltage: AC220V 50/60Hz

Ambient temperature: -40℃~+55℃

IP: IP65

Beam angle: 75*150°

Installation method: Diameter 60 light pole

Whole lamp power: 100W

Power (W): 100W



◆ Adopted imported high power led chips and luminous efficiency reach 150lm/w.

◆ Superior street light lens realized uniformity of illumination .

◆ Unique eutectic bonding connection type ensures the smooth and junction temperature is lower than 65° C, and control lighting fading effectively.

◆ Reliable intelligent driver power and professional thermal design make operation temperature of components not more than 60℃,extend working life.

◆ Unique circuit protection design improved whole street light reliability and anti-interference .

◆ Special constant current power driver can assure wide voltage input and output constant current. With short-circuit and overvoltage protection, over-temperature protection etc.

◆ Realized power control ,temperature control ,optical control and acoustic control and network control etc.

◆ The unique protection circuit design improves the overall reliability and anti-interference ability of LED street lamps.

◆ Accurate constant current control technology ensures the stability of the luminaire.

◆ Power control, temperature control,optical control, acoustic control network control and other control methods to meet the needs of different applications.


TypeRated power(W)Rated voltage(V)Lamp efficiency lm/WEx-markIP
HD-ST100-N80AC220≥110       WF2IP65



Suitable for building elevation, square,stadium, stage , advertising board ,bridge etc.

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