HD-FL200-H series flood light

HD-FL200-H series flood light

  Huading HD-FL series LED flood light is realized by the integrated design of LED light source and lamp housing. The professional thermal design of the lamp housing ensures excellent heat dissipation performance. The special surface oxidation treatment technology can easily meet the requirements of Class II anti-corrosion in various places. The light source adopts high-brightness LED single light, and the single light effect can reach 120lm/W. The primary LED silicone lens light distribution and tempered glass mask solve the problem of light loss and chromatic aberration caused by the current use of the secondary light distribution lens, and ensure the road illuminance and The shade is uniform. The unique eutectic welding connection method ensures the smoothness of the LED heat dissipation channel, the junction temperature is less than 85 ℃, the light decay is effectively controlled, and the overall life is more than 50,000 hours. Unique single lamp protection design, so that any single LED damage will not affect the normal operation of the entire set of LED lamps. The installation angle is adjustable, and there are a variety of bracket fixed installation methods, which are very suitable for the lighting installation of existing and new buildings. High reliability intelligent driving power supply, professional thermal design makes the working temperature of components not greater than 60℃, high power efficiency, and life expectancy of 50,000 hours; wide voltage range input ensures the versatility of LED floodlights; unique protection circuit Improve the overall reliability and anti-interference ability of the LED flood light; precise constant current control technology ensures the high stability of the LED flood light. At the same time, it has various advanced control methods such as time-sharing power control, temperature control, optical control, acoustic control and network control. Huading LED flood light is suitable for use in various occasions, with easy installation, adjustable angle and easy maintenance.

Instructions for use of electrical connections

  The power input wire of the LED flood light is a 3-core sheathed wire, and the wire standard is 60245 IEC57 (YZW) 3×1.0mm2, the outer diameter is Φ8~10mm, the red (or brown) wire is connected to the live wire, the blue wire is connected to the neutral wire, and the yellow-green flower wire is connected to the ground wire. After the electrical connection is completed, the wire
connection needs to be waterproofed. The connection between the internal driver of the lamp and the light source adopts a waterproof connector cable, which is convenient for maintenance and use. Apply the rated voltage to the lamp to work normally. During the working process, the voltage must be within the rated range. If the rated voltage is exceeded, it will cause irreparable damage.

Product Specifications

LED flood light power series


rated power

Operating Voltage

working frequency



HD-FL200-H200WAC100~277V50/60Hz5.6kgdomestic typical220v

HD-FL200-HParameters Table








Operating Voltage(V)Vin100220305

working frequency(Hz)f475063

rated power(W)


power factor


Initial light effect(lm/W)


Luminous flux(lm)


Start Time(ms)1500AC220V,25℃

color temperature(K)



Operating temperature(℃)


Adapt to humidity(%)


average lifespan(hrs)


related to the use environment



without packaging

Light source protection level

IP ClassIP65

Maximum windward projection area(m2


Recommended installation height(m)


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