Smart lighting and safety management and control system solutions

Smart lighting and safety management and control system solutions

  Shandong Huadingweiye Energy Technology Co., Ltd. innovatively proposes to integrate intelligent lighting technology with personnel positioning, video joint control, environmental monitoring, intelligent broadcasting, online monitoring of equipment management and other functions. The intelligent control and effective management of personnel and equipment can improve the intelligent construction level of the factory area, and effectively ensure safe production, reduce production risks, and improve production efficiency. Add the eyes to the lighting fixtures to sense the operating status of each equipment in the lighting area and the vital signs of workers through temperature, plus the nose to sniff out various gases in dangerous places, plus the ears to sense the abnormal state of each equipment during the operation through audio monitoring, plus The upper mouth can quickly alarm the danger through broadcasting, and the brain can realize the automatic perception, automatic regulation, automatic alarm and self-diagnosis of each lighting area through edge computing and cloud computing.

All-round intelligent management and control of lamps and lanterns

  1. Intelligent control: It can realize the functions of remote single lamp control, group control, time control plan, intelligent dimming and other functions of lamps.

  2. Real-time monitoring: Real-time monitoring of the running status of any lamps and lanterns can be realized, and parameters such as voltage, current, power, temperature and other parameters of lamps and lanterns can be monitored remotely; the running status of lamps can be controlled in real time.

  3. Abnormal alarm: intelligent alarm can be realized when lamps and consoles are powered off, high temperature, undervoltage, overvoltage and other abnormalities.

  4. Data statistics: Statistics and analysis of any lamp, or the energy consumption, lighting time and other operating data of lamps and lanterns in the whole plant can be performed according to the day, month and year, and related reports can be exported.

  5. Transmission method: 5G/4G network can be used to transmit data or optical fiber network transmission.

Personnel location management

  This system can realize real-time location monitoring, historical track query, SoS alarm, electronic fence and other functions of card-holding operators, effectively ensuring the safe and efficient production of on-site operators. Fully considering the complex working environment and special working conditions of the industrial site, the latest lighting intelligent control and precise positioning technology are used to realize remote real-time control and supervision of lighting. Using low-power 2.4G positioning technology, the positioning accuracy is 2-3 meters; using UWB precise positioning technology, the positioning accuracy is less than 1 meter. Through the organic integration of personnel locating cards and lamps, the lamps can be turned on when people
come and turn off when people leave, realize intelligent management and control of lamps, and maximize energy saving and consumption reduction. The platform software side can choose to display the location information of personnel in 3D modeling or 2D in the factory area and workshop, and display the real-time location of personnel and the running status of lamps in the form of 3D data visualization. The data is clear and intuitive, which is convenient for efficient analysis and decision-making.

  Other scalable functions such as joint video control, environmentalmonitoring, intelligent broadcasting, and online monitoring of equipment management can be set up modularly according to user requirements, providing users with the optimal implementation of intelligent lighting and security management and control solutions.

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